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Meghan McCain has a crush on…

April 1, 2009

Admit it: you were hoping it’s on you.

But no: it’s Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL). Meghan got to interview him for The Daily Beast and ohmigodheissocute!

The happy couple:


I hate to steer this post away from its actual purpose – blind allegiance to Rule 5 – but I have to highlight this passage:

When I asked him if he thought people like me (meaning more moderate Republicans) had a place in the party, Schock actually gave me an answer an average person could understand.

Here’s the answer:

“In order for us to be a majority party,” he said, “we need to be everywhere, with every demographic and every region of the country. We have to recognize Republican candidates in the Northeast are going to be different than candidates in the Midwest, who are going to look different than candidates on the West Coast. We have to first recognize the fundamental role of any representative, to represent his constituents, not a particular party. That doesn’t mean you take the party platform necessarily and throw it out the window, but also that you don’t become so exclusive to say ‘Well if this person doesn’t agree with me 100 percent, then they aren’t a true Republican.’”

I’ve been taking part in Republican “what went wrong and what do we do now” sessions for months now, and that’s the exact same thing everybody says.

To McCain, however, it’s all brand new:

Unlike the response so many older Republicans have given me before—I’m young, I spent time at college in Manhattan, etc.—Schock approached the question honestly and realistically. Just the fact that he recognizes the problem the GOP has reaching out to my generation is in itself impressive.

She asked a question about moderate Republicans, and heard an answer about “her generation.” Maybe she was imagining him shirtless instead of paying attention?

Uh, yeah, okay…whatev.

Anyway, since we’re all about equal opportunity here at The Trog:


Hey, even I think he’s hot.

Kathy Shaidle, on the other hand, has a crush on an entirely different Congressman. They have different ideas about hotness on that side of the border, I guess.

  1. April 17, 2009 4:03 pm

    Finally, somebody else who, like me, finds Meghan McCain quite attractive and NOT a fat cow as some have called her!

    By the way, there’s a Rule 5 post at the top of my blog on 4/17. Care to link it?

  2. April 18, 2009 11:22 am

    Hhmmm, doesn’t seem to be a whole lot down below on this guy.


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