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If we can’t handle a little pro-tax counter-demonstrating, we might as well pack it up.

April 14, 2009

Fox news: Tea Party Protesters Gird for Possible Liberal Backlash

Is anybody actually “girding” for that? That verb makes it sound like we’re worried about it. It’s like “bracing.” “Fortifying.” Or “clenching.”

I’m not doing any of those. Is somebody else?

Anyway. Fox News says:

As anti-tax protesters organize tea parties across the country on April 15, rumors are swirling that a backlash is brewing.

Some believe ACORN, which has been under scrutiny for accusations of voter fraud, is preparing to crash some of the tea parties. But ACORN says it is only helping to organize dozens of rallies on the same day in support of President Obama’s first budget.

Hell, I went to a tax protest here a couple years ago where we were outnumbered by counter-protesting union members by 2 or 3 to one. I’m not worried about counter-protests.

Let’s all keep an eye out for those agents provocateur, though. Anybody in the middle of the crowd shouting anything blatantly racist or violent should be required to:

  • name any three characters from Atlas Shrugged;
  • name the author of Atlas Shrugged;
  • name the author of The Road to Serfdom; or
  • name the first post-WWII president to argue that tax increases are bad news in a down economy.

If they can’t do any of that, they’re liberal infiltrators. Do your worst. Have your way with them. Very politely ask them to stop and mention that there is a fair trade coffee house about three blocks away.

By the way: I’ll be at Madison’s Tax Day Tea Party tomorrow, taking some vacation, and will post pictures. Maybe video, too.

UPDATE – Michelle Malkin has more on leftist infiltrators. Let’s be careful out there, people.

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