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Yet More Sarahmotivators

October 7, 2009

The meme seems to be slowing, but couldn’t – of course it couldn’t – stop completely until Jame Jeffords had his say. I especially like his first one.

Quick quiz: you can tell that Jamie is channelling R.S. McCain because:

1. He refers to the bikini google bomb;
2. His color choice indicates white supremacism;
3. He is linking to The Trog on a regular basis;
4. All of the above.

Click over to Jamie’s post and see, then leave your guesses in the comments. My comments. Or his, I guess. It’s not like I’m actually going to spend time compiling them.

Couple quick thank-yous to some new-to-me blogs and bloggers who linked all the Sarahmotivator stuff: the Physics Geek (who isn’t exactly new to me); Smash Mouth Politics; Mustang0302 – not a blogger, I don’t think, but a commenter over at Just One Minute, who linked in an open thread over there; and Pal2pal, who liked Patrick’s best.


I’d love to post a new Sarahmotivator of my own, but all I’m coming up with right now is:


Which doesn’t really hold to the theme. So here, back from the archives, an oldie but a goodie:



Part I.
Part II.
Part III.
One more.
More Sarahmotivators.
Spreading the Sarahmotivator Wealth.
Sarahmotivators: The Saga Continues

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  1. Charlie Rangel is a Crook

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