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And, by God, we’ll tax you people more and more until we get it!

November 24, 2009

Pelosi: ‘We’ll Never Have Deficit Reduction Unless We Have Job Creation’

The deficit debate in Washington misses the fundamental point, said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Tuesday, arguing that the primary objective for policy makers should be job creation — without which, the deficit will explode as tax revenues collapse.

The deficit will explode. Good Lord. The deficit is already $12 trillion. Is it Madame Speaker’s contention that the deficit hasn’t exploded yet?

Pay close attention to this next part, because there is so much about it that is just: yes, exactly:

“What I’ve told the members is that we have a lot of good ideas [regarding job creation]. We have to prioritize them, get them out there and figure out how we will eventually pay for them, but not be bogged down in the next couple years by that,” Pelosi said on a conference call with a handful of economic reporters and economists who blog.

And. So. What are some of those “good ideas,” precisely? Glad you asked:

Pelosi said that the House is considering a variety of plans, including extending unemployment insurance…

So that’s…what? Supply side economics?

…subsidized health benefits (COBRA)…

…creating more jobs in the bureaucracy…

…assistance to state and local governments…

…more government jobs?

…improving small businesses’ access to credit…

That’s at least in the ballpark, but the question is: how? And why does the government have to do that?

…investing in green buildings…

…thus stimulating the green paint industry…

…and “targeted public service jobs.”

That’s basically a direct government subsidy in exchange for creating a temporary job.

Oh, and:

Democrats are also considering a transaction tax on short-term trades on Wall Street, a measure being pushed by House Majority Whip James Clyburn.


Are you as torn as I am about all this? On the one hand, Speaker Pelosi seems determined to hand the 2010 elections straight over to the Republican Party. On the other hand, she and a handful of other fellow-travelers are actually in charge until 2011, and maybe longer.

Back on the first hand, she sure makes it easy to be a conservative blogger. Her worldview clearly states: nothing positive can happen unless the government makes it happen.

Of course, that also goes to the other hand. It’s easy to be the opposition with people like her in charge, but people like her have to be in charge in order for us to be the opposition.

Where’s my brandy?

Via Memeorandum.

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