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Texas Gov. Rick Perry won the Republican playoff yesterday… UPDATED – holy crap Texas is conservative.

March 3, 2010

…and will now defend the title for the second time. That’ll be his third term, if he wins the general election on November 2.

Perry’s my dark horse for the 2012 presidential nomination, although I always seem to get pushback from other Republicans when I say that.

UPDATE – Melissa Clouthier (that’s clothe-ee-err, as in someone who clothes) is a Texan, and she’s got thoughts.

UPDATE II – Via HotAir, they had a bunch of ballot propositions on the ballot Tuesday, too:

  • Photo ID;
  • a TABOR-like limit to government spending;
  • a call for Congress to cut taxes;
  • an affirmation that the word “God,” prayers, and the Ten Commandments are allowed in public.

Those all won with over 90% of the vote.

A fifth proposition, requiring that women be shown a sonogram before any medically unnecessary abortion, won with over 60%.

I don’t think they have the force of law, but you know candidates are gonna notice all that.

UPDATE III – Linked by Dad29.

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  1. March 4, 2010 12:02 am

    I am with you on Perry. And the indian bloke who is a Governor, who’s name escapes me. Very interesting bloke that one, just wish I could remember his name.

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