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Waiting…waiting…waiting…for the slew of stories about the “crackup” in the Democratic Party

September 28, 2010

And I think I’ll just have to go on waiting.

The headline:

How a handful of liberal bloggers are bringing down the Obama presidency

Yeah, I know, a “handful of liberal bloggers” hardly quantifies a serious intra-party insurgency, but: doesn’t it seem like the media jumps on a lot less to start screeching about the “crackup” in the Republican Party?

Via Memeorandum.


About Obama’s visit to Madison today, Ann Althouse writes:

Don’t be thinking that Madison is some kind of hardcore Democratic Party stronghold. It’s not. This is a town where, in 2000, people resisted that notion that they should voted for Al Gore so Bush wouldn’t win. What difference did it make? That was the argument I heard. “Bore and Gush” — remember that? It was important to vote for Ralph Nader. I heard that again and again. The President has taken his lefty fans for granted.

Thus, the Democratic Party’s internecine civil war enters its tenth full year.

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