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Headline: Airport Security Good Only as a Target of Mockery

January 27, 2011

Okay, that wasn’t really the headline. But it should have been. The story:

Airport officials ordered a holidaymaker carrying a toy soldier onto a plane to remove its three-inch gun – because it was a safety threat.

Ken Lloyd was stunned when he was told he could not go on the plane with the nine-inch model soldier because it was carrying a ‘firearm’.

The Canadian tourist and his wife had bought the toy, which holds a replica SA80 rifle, during a visit to the Royal Signals Museum at Blandford Camp in Dorset.

But when he tried to take the £135 keepsake through Gatwick Airport in his hand luggage it triggered a security alert at the scanners.

Here’s the toy:

You can see why they were concerned. The “gun” was detachable, after all.

A few points:

  • I’d like to make this a joke about English wuss-ism, but we all know damn well the same thing could happen here in the U.S.
  • That “toy” cost a hundred thirty-five pounds? That’s like two hundred bucks!
  • What if it had been a toy Darth Vader with a lightsaber?

Via Memeorandum. Also, in the comments at The Agitator:

Of course, if the miniature replica firearm is a firearm, then the miniature replica person is a person. They are lucky they were not made to buy the toy soldier an airline ticket.


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  1. January 27, 2011 6:28 pm

    We have that idiocy here. A school decided that the tiny guns carried by toy soldiers decorating an 8 year old’s hat, (that he decorated as part of a school assignment), were in violation of the school’s no weapons policy!

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