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But was he playing the rubes? Or was he a rube himself?

March 21, 2011

Ed Driscoll is the latest conservative blogger who’s living the smugness:

The Great Barack & War Swindle

…Having just punked the anti-war far left, Obama is similarly asking them — where are you going to go? He’s got them in his pocket.

But: did Obama really “punk” the anti-war left? Or did Obama get punked just like they did?

Some of us warned the voters: Senator Obama was dangerously inexperienced to be considered for the Big Chair. Simply becoming President Obama did not suddenly convey the necessary experience onto him.

Senator Obama had, up to that point, had things easy. How hard is it to become a “community organizer” in an Alinsky-driven political culture like Chicago’s? How hard is it to win a Senate race in overwhelmingly Democratic Illinois against a sex-scandal-shamed Republican?

Obama might be forgiven for not realizing that things can be harder than they appear. So he said all the right things, and made all the right promises, and then he won. And then he found out just how impossible fulfilling all his promises would be.

Maybe he did it on purpose. Maybe his advisers told him they were doing it on purpose.

Or maybe he even fooled himself.

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