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Triangulation, Obama-style?

April 11, 2011

Or simply trying to straddle the fence? The Wall Street Journal:

In a speech Wednesday, Mr. Obama will propose cuts to entitlement programs, including Medicare and Medicaid, and changes to Social Security…

Those “cuts,” if real, won’t likely do as much to save those programs as Rep. Paul Ryan’s plan will, but it hardly matters. If the Wall Street Journal is right, then Obama is putting entitlement cuts on the table. And, to quote Captain Jack Sparrow:

So we’ve established my proposal as sound in principle and now we’re just haggling over price.

The WSJ goes on:

He also will call for tax increases for people making over $250,000 a year, a proposal contained in his 2012 budget, and changing parts of the tax code he thinks benefit the wealthy.

He’s going to balance the premise that entitlements have to be restrained by reiterating a standard Democrat talking point. That’s either very, very dumb, or so incredibly shrewd that I’m unable to follow along.

Via Memeorandum.

More from Digby:

Jonathan Cohn makes the good point that Obama’s speech on Wednesday is unfortunately going to be seen as the left most position in the debate…

But…can the “left most position” include limits on entitlements? Is that really allowed?

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