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Memo to Michelle Bachmann: emulating Danica Patrick will not win you the coveted TrogloEndorsement

June 29, 2011

Although it won’t lose it for you, either. John Hawkins reports on a Michelle Bachmann rally:

When the speech was over, a couple of hundred people moved up to the stage to shake hands, grab pictures, and get autographs. …she signed placards, baseball caps, people’s arms, and most notably, because I haven’t seen it done before, a couple of men’s chests.

Michelle Bachman: not quite Florence Henderson.

What’s the strangest part of this story?

  • Bachmann signing a man’s shirt;
  • John Hawkins thinking it’s “notable” only because he hasn’t seen it done before;

Or, my personal choice:

  • John Hawkins hasn’t seen this done before?

Does John not read The TrogloPundit?

Okay, so Danica wasn’t exactly signing a man’s shirt. Details, details.

Not that I expect to see Bachmann doing that anytime soon, shirt or no shirt. Bill Clinton, maybe. But not Bachmann.

More: well, that would sure generate some media attention.


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