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Wow, these atheists really want Rick Perry elected president.

July 14, 2011


Atheist group sues to block Perry from prayer rally

Can you imagine a better campaign storyline than an atheist group using the courts to block a Christian man – elected or not – from a prayer rally?

Oh, fine, they’re not stopping him from going to the rally. They just want to prevent him from promoting it, and to not have a proclamation about it, and a few other things. No “official” involvement, as if an aura of officialdom doesn’t follow a state governor around wherever he/she goes. It’s a violation of the Establishment Clause, see. Separation of church and state. If Governor Perry is actively involved in this prayer rally, then these atheists might lose faith in their atheism.

Or something. Maybe they’d prefer somebody more…generic?

Hey, Governor Perry! If your Iowa people aren’t working this story until their fingers bleed, you need to call me! Very reasonable rates!

Hat tip Wombat Socho.

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