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Careful what you wish for?

November 22, 2011

The anti-Walkerites maybe wanna take a closer look around the country before they go trying to oust Walker over his “draconian” “tyrannical” “union-busting” tactics.

Oh, right. Too late. They’re already trying. Well, they still might want to be careful what they wish for. Walter Russell Mead:

The public sector labor wars are heating up all over, and both parties are fighting the unions. In California Governor Jerry Brown is cutting union pensions; further wage cutbacks for state and local workers are clearly on the way. The events in Wisconsin and Ohio are well known, but in Detroit and Chicago Democratic mayors are also taking on the public unions. Republican Chris Christie in New Jersey and Democrat Andrew Cuomo in New York have each gone for cutbacks, and both parties in Rhode Island are rolling back union gains and slashing pensions.

Just getting Walker out and a Democrat in won’t mean getting your “union rights” back. Democrats around the country are taking many of the same steps Wisconsin’s Republican-led government is taking.

It will, however, mean:



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