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No big hurricanes in six years (knock on wood)…I blame Global Warming!

November 30, 2011

Bret Stephens:

On Sunday, 2,232 days will have elapsed since a category 3 hurricane made landfall in the U.S., the longest period in more than a century that the U.S. has been spared a devastating storm.

Found that via The Linkiest. Coincidentally:

On December 4, 2011 it will have been 2,232 days since Hurricane Wilma made landfall along the Gulf coast as a category 3 storm back in 2005. That number of days will break the existing record of days between major US hurricane landfalls, which previously was between 8 Sept 1900 (the great Galveston Hurricane) and 19 Oct 1906. Since there won’t be any intense hurricanes before next summer, the record will be shattered, with the days between intense hurricane landfalls likely to exceed 2,500 days.

The fewest major hurricanes in over a hundred years. I just hope people don’t dump their hurricane insurance. Because that’ll be tempting fate.

Found that second quote via Walter Russell Mead, by the way.

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