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Betcha all the pizza delivery guys were hoping to get that address.

December 3, 2011

So an actor named Michelle Williams is going to play Marilyn Monroe in some upcoming movie, and she’s going the extra mile in her research:

‘Marilyn’ actress’s extreme preparations

Michelle Williams says she was in character even when delivery people came to her home.

That’s the teaser. Here’s a little more:

TA: Is it true that you practiced being Marilyn in private moments?

MW: I would. Like when the Fedex lady would come to our house, I would try little things. When the Census Bureau came, I tried on my early Marilyn, just to try to get comfortable and take a risk in front of a stranger. It was a voice change, a posture, this way she had of looking like she was almost a newborn baby, like her body had just woken up.

I wonder if she hired out for lawn care? And if so, whether her lawn care guys used leaf blowers?

Hey, she wanted practice.

UPDATE – I wonder if they considered Danica for the part?