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Teaching Chinese prostitutes to drink more responsibly? Studying male prostitutes in Vietnam?

December 8, 2011

Alternate title: But we have to raise taxes in order to pay schoolteachers (part iii)

Dan Mitchell posts this video from Government Gone Wild! Don’t worry, it’s SFW, although maybe you want to put the coffee down before you watch.

  • A hundred million dollars buying plane tickets that were never used?
  • Half of purchases on government credit cards classified as “improper, fraudulent, or embezzled?”
  • The feds paying private air conditioning bills for incarcerated prisoners and dead people?
  • One and a half million dollars renovating apartments that were “slated for demolition?”
  • Did we spend three quarters of a million dollars on joke-writing software?
  • Poems? For zoos?

Can any of this possibly be true? And why do I have such an easy time believing that it is?

And, say, could we maybe stop doing these things before we go running to raise anybody’s taxes?


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