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Since we’re talking about gas prices…

February 21, 2012

Saw this on Facebook today:

Ha! I love the sticky note protest. Attentive TrogloPundit readers will remember a similar kind of protest almost a year ago. That one was in grocery stores.

A few possible slogans for your own sticky-note gas-pump protests:

  • Drill, baby, drill!
  • President Obama, free the offshore rigs!
  • Save us, North Dakota!
  • If only we still had a quarter million troops stationed in the Middle East!
  • Canada, wait! Don’t sell your oil to China! Give us another chance (in January)!
  • If only we could buy oil from Canada instead of from America-hating Middle Eastern tyrants.

Just please remember: make sure the sticky note sticks, because littering is bad. And use sticky notes that don’t leave any stickiness behind, because gas station attendants don’t need the hassle.

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