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Danica crashes – Michelle Fields, Smitty to blame?

February 23, 2012

On the final lap of a Daytona qualifying race…

Patrick was caught up in a crash on the final lap of the first of two 150-mile qualifying races, sending her car into the wall on the backstretch. The wreck ripped the front end off Patrick’s car, and she’ll have to use a backup car in Sunday’s Daytona 500.

Watch the video: driver Aric “My Name Sounds Made Up” Almirola lost control, forcing Danica off the track and into the wall. It may therefore be inaccurate to suggest that when Michelle Fields of the Daily Caller blindsided Danica with a question about President Obama’s contraception mandate, that this may have hurt Danica’s concentration. That it may have affected her mental preparations for the biggest race of her career.

It may be wrong to speculate that a surprise question on a political issue – an issue Danica may not have heard of before the question was asked – could have caused her to give an inadequate answer. A silly answer. A mealy-mouthed, wishy-washy, Geez I Hope This Is Vanilla answer, evoking the stereotypically frightened and weak female who wants nothing more than to be taken care of by someone stronger than herself.

It could be that Danica – who is far from that stereotypically teary female – regretted this answer to the point that she dwelled on it, wishing she had been able to overcome her good Midwestern politeness and to tell this obviously young, inexperienced reporter that she simply had no comment.

But, no, a good Wisconsin girl like Danica would want to help this girl. So she answered the question, even though she wasn’t really able to answer the question.

And then, the backlash. Because the blogosphere knows neither shame nor pity.

All speculation, of course. Well, except for the part about the blogosphere. That’s true. For the rest, we’ll never know. Danica’s not casting blame:

Patrick was even willing to laugh about getting smashed up.

“It felt pretty big,” she said with a smile.

…This was a no-joke crash, and the soft wall likely saved her from injury.

And it’s hurt her chances at Daytona:

The wreck will force Patrick to start near the back of the field Sunday, which isn’t that significant in a 500-mile race. Up until the final lap she was driving fine, climbing as high as sixth place in the middle of the 60-lap event.

But Danica remains upbeat:

“Maybe that backup car is fast. We weren’t super excited after qualifying. Maybe this is a blessing in big disguise.”

Wow. Blindsided by an unfair question; her goodwill betrayed by the very woman she hoped to help; the rest of the world poised and ready to pounce the instant she makes the slightest error – and, really, giving a silly answer to a silly question is hardly the same thing as wearing a Bears hat in public – and she still takes the high road.

Are Michelle and Smitty…and Cranky Conservative, the POH Diaries, and Libertarian Republican to blame for Danica’s crash? We can speculate, but only speculate. Nothing can be proven, thus no accusation should be made. It’s a coincidence. Just a coincidence.

UPDATE – I did not “blame” her crash on “the political question.” I speculated that the political question might have something to do with her crash.

UPDATE II – Indeed, in my haste to cast speculate on blame, I lumped the POH Diaries in with all the other Danica haters. Although, simply reading the post title over there, you can understand why.

UPDATE III – Smitty links, probably in lieu of abject apology, and explains pictorially why we should all be 100% Danica fans. Oh, he wrote some stuff, too, but since he linked and posted the picture I didn’t bother reading.

UPDATE IV – Still no explanation from Michelle Fields or the Daily Caller! What are they trying to hide?

  1. February 24, 2012 10:29 am

    It may not have been lack of concentration in any manner. Innertubes’ rumor has it that Smitty paid the other drivers to run her off the track.

  2. February 26, 2012 7:53 pm

    What! You only read my headline?


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