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Dear Democratic mayors: you can send your thank you notes to Scott Walker, Governor, State of Wisconsin.

April 2, 2012

Alternate title: We’re gonna need a bigger sign.

When did Democrats become such dick-tators, huh?

Democratic mayors challenge teachers unions in urban political shift

As a young labor organizer in Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa worked for the city’s teachers, honing his political skills in the fight for a good contract. The union loved him back, supporting the Democrat’s election to the State Assembly, City Council and, finally, the mayor’s office he occupies today.

But now, Villaraigosa, a rising star in the national Democratic party, has a different view. He calls the teachers union “the one, unwavering roadblock” to improving public education in L.A.

Villaraigosa is one of several Democratic mayors in cities across the country — Chicago, Cleveland, Newark and Boston, among them — who are challenging teachers unions in ways that seemed inconceivable just a decade ago.

And, y’know, Democrats are just the canaries in the mineshaft. Embrace your Wisconsin overlords people. Please. Before it’s too late.

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