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I wasn’t in the mood to write anything serious, and then I have to go and see this kind of stupidity.

April 4, 2012

Why do I look at Memeorandum when I’m not in the mood? Why?

Feh. Fine.

Former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm is trying very, very hard to explain why the Obamacare mandate isn’t really a change:

Carmelita has been mandated into the uninsured health care market, banished from “normal” care by a wholly unaffordable insurance system. She doesn’t have insurance, but believe me, she’s participating in commerce. She was forced, mandated to purchase emergency care or choose to risk her life.

“Carmelita” is Granholm’s hairdresser, who is “still paying off a $3,000 health care bill from last year when I had walking pneumonia and finally went to see the (emergency room) doctor.”

Her employer doesn’t provide health insurance, see. She shoulda gone to work at Wal-Mart instead.

Let’s stipulate that Carmelita had to go to the emergency room. It was either that or serious risk to her own life. Let’s also stipulate that this conversation really took place, and Granholm isn’t just making it up. Because I’ve already put too much effort into this post to believe otherwise.

Granholm continues:

She doesn’t want that kind of health care coverage; like any rational person, she’d prefer to buy an affordable policy. But like tens of millions of others, she can’t afford it. The market for health care services is ubiquitous; the question is whether Congress mandates emergency-room market participation or a rational health insurance market system. The old system is no less a “mandate” than the Affordable Care Act.

The question is whether Congress mandates grocery store market participation or a rational food-distribution system. The question is whether Congress mandates winter jacket market participation or a rational just-stay-at-home system. The question is whether Congress mandates individual vehicle ownership or a rational public teleportation system.

There are mandates already in our health care system. Hospitals are mandated to provide care regardless of ability to pay, which indirectly mandates the rest of us to pay for it. Insurance companies are mandated to provide services, for which very few actual consumers exist. The rest of us are mandated to pay for that, too.

But according to Granholm, another mandate exists: the mandate to go to the emergency room if you don’t have insurance.

Her solution: mandate that everybody have insurance! See, you’re only replacing one mandate with another mandate! Even-Steven!

I wonder what Carmelita would think of that if she wasn’t looking at the business end of a $3,000 medical bill? She does understand, right, that the Obamacare mandate isn’t free. Right? Not even for her.

Granholm obviously doesn’t.

Via Memeorandum. More at Pirate’s Cove.

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