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Chris Matthews calls black preacher a monkey on live TV

May 15, 2012

Okay, not quite, but if a conservative had said the same thing:

Hardball anchor Chris Matthews, who routinely smears his political opponents as racist, on Monday lectured an African American minister who opposes gay marriage, “I hope you evolve.” The host patronizingly added, “I’m just teasing.” [See video below. MP3 audio here.] How would he (or MSNBC for that matter) react if a conservative said such a thing to a black leader?

I hope you evolve. Stupid sub-human primate! You’re beneath me! You’re an inferior form of life!

Transcript and video at the link. Hat tip

Related: Jim Treacher:

If you’re in any way less than enthusiastic about gay marriage — as Obama used to be until he “evolved” last Wednesday — you hate gay people. Or so I’m told by my liberal friends.

Oh wait, am I allowed to say that? That’s racist, isn’t it? Because the homophobic gay-haters in question are black. I probably don’t get to disagree with them for that simple reason, do I? Oh dear, this business sure does get confusing in a hurry.

… Who’ll win, the race-baiters or the homophobe-baiters? Either way, it’s going to be fun to watch.

Phew, that’s a tough one. Racist? Or Homophobe? Which do you want to be called?

Ha! Just kidding. Conservatives and Republicans are gonna get called both those things no matter what we do. So we’re kinda free to pick our side. Democrats and liberals, on the other hand…

While I’m doing this, what’s the rule on using a colon twice in a sentence, like I did above? It’s probably: don’t. Right? But sometimes it just seems like the right way to go.

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