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President Obama wants to hire cops, firefighters, teachers? Maybe Scott Walker could show him how.

June 14, 2012

Here, have an example:

Dodge County Sheriff Todd Nehls did something he hasn’t been able to do in years: hire a dispatcher.

The difference, Nehls said, is Act 10, the controversial bill — now law — pushed by Republican Gov. Scott Walker and a GOP-controlled Legislature that’s delivering big dividends for taxpayers statewide.

Click to read more, including some great comments from the sheriff. There’s a similar example in Kenosha County, too.

On the other hand:

To the south, the Rock County Sheriff’s Department has experienced “at best a wash” from Act 10, said Sheriff Robert Spoden.

He said any savings from non-sworn employees have been offset by declining revenue and rising expenses elsewhere.

But that’s not really the “other hand.” If his county experienced “at best a wash” from Act 10, then they’d have been in the red, and laying people off, without Act 10.

Now for the other hand:

While James Palmer doesn’t dispute that there have been savings to taxpayers, the executive director of the Wisconsin Professional Police Association said the savings come at a high price.

“Dispatchers and county correctional officers have seen a marked decline in their morale,” said Palmer, whose union represents about 10,000 sworn and non-sworn law enforcement employees in the state.

Palmer said it’s too early to tell whether lower morale has diminished public safety

And far too late to tell how this “diminished public safety” would compare to the diminished public safety actual layoffs might have incurred.

UPDATE – Linked by Doug Ross. It’s a twofer!

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