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I never actually thought about “The Star Spangled Banner” that way.

July 4, 2012

David Goldman, writing at PJ Media:

There is something inherently fragile about the United States of America. France will be France and Slovakia will be Slovakia so long as French and Slovak are spoken, irrespective of their mode of government. But if Americans cease to govern themselves in a way that no people ever governed itself before, America will not be America. We are the only nation founded on an idea, rather than on blood, territory or culture. We look back at our founders with reverence. Each day we should ask ourselves whether we are good enough to keep the republic which they bequeathed us. We came close to losing it more than once. If we continue to drift into dependency, we might lose it now.

That is why it behooves us to sing a national anthem that begins and ends with questions.

The questions, paraphrased: “can you see it?” And: “Is it still there?” I’m a little ashamed that I never noticed that last sentence is a question.

Read the whole thing. Via Insty.

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  1. Steve Burri permalink
    July 4, 2012 11:36 pm

    President Obama, as most Liberals, has never seen The Star Spangled Banner in print. They think the two questions mentioned above started, “Jose can you see…’ and ‘Jose does that star spangled banner yet wave…?’

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