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Wisconsin alum beats LSU alum for starting NFL job…

August 27, 2012

Pat in Shreveport hardest hit. The story: it’s Russell Wilson over Matt Flynn in Seattle.

Pete Carroll and John Schneider were overjoyed during the April NFL draft when the Seattle Seahawks were able to grab Russell Wilson in the third round.

Even they couldn’t anticipate that Wilson would be the Seahawks’ Week 1 starter.

Carroll announced Sunday night that the undersized, but highly successful rookie quarterback from Wisconsin will be the starter when the Seahawks open the regular season on Sept. 9 at Arizona. Wilson beat out Matt Flynn and Tarvaris Jackson – in the process of being traded to Buffalo – for the starting gig.

Wilson’s full name, of course, is Russell Nike Adidas Wilson. His agent is standing by.

Of course, I have some mixed feelings about that particular training camp battle. Flynn was Green Bay’s backup for several years, so I naturally feel some loyalty toward him.

But if Wilson can succeed in the NFL, then so much the better for Wisconsin. And, plus, Flynn played for LSU. An SEC school. The more defeat for the SEC, the better.

Now let’s see how long Wilson can keep it. We must also temper our enthusiasm with the knowledge that, whoever starts for Seattle, he will have to start for Seattle. Not exactly anybody’s first choice.

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