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Clearly, Wisconsin’s global domination is not quite as encompassing as it should be…yet.

August 29, 2012

You disappoint me:

As Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin delivered her speech at the Republican National Convention Tuesday night, three men moved rapidly through the packed crowd on the concourse outside the convention floor, stopping briefly at every concession stand along the way to inspect the menu.

“Beer? Do you have beer?!” one young man asked. His tone was best described as urgent. “Why is there no beer?”

No beer? There’d better be a good explanation for this.

Approached by Yahoo News, the men, who appeared to be in their early 30s, declined to say where they were from—though their Stetson cowboy hats and shirts featuring Texas’s Lone Star flag seemed to be a dead giveaway.

Ah. They were from Texas. If they’d been from Wisconsin and couldn’t find any beer, then I’d worry.

Still, given the Wisconsin-centricity of this year’s GOP convention, it should have been far, far easier for a conventioneer to find some beer.

Even the ones from Texas.


  1. Steve Burri permalink
    August 29, 2012 8:04 pm

    Lance, you stayed in Texas for awhile… you know that Texans can be insipidly solipsistic.


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