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If Wisconsin had a Chancellor, his name would be Palpatine. Except for the sheer naked evil, of course.

August 31, 2012

In the course of making a different point, Bruce McQuain makes this one:

We’ve talked in the past about why these “wave” elections, as they’re called, are happening with increasing frequency.

Well one of the reasons, I would assert, is people are tiring of the same old promises – promises that are rarely if ever kept – with the same old results – business as usual with vituperative partisan sniping and finger pointing, while we spend ourselves into oblivion.

No matter who is put into power, nothing substantive happens. So voters keep switching the sides in hope that some group they put in there will “get it”.

You mean, like…oh, I dunno, let’s just pick a random example right out of the air… Governor Walker?

I completely get what Bruce is saying: political leaders should – must – always keep an eye on the next election, but we should also remember the wisdom left us by Chancellor Palpatine:

Gov. Walker could have just done the go-along get-along “see, we’re not so bad” thing when he took office with those big Republican majorities in the legislature, but he didn’t: he did something big. Transformative. And yeah, scary and controversial.

And now, having used the majorities the voters gave him, he’s a friggin’ hero.

Memo to Ryan/Romney: do something big. Something transformative. If you get majorities, use them. Because they won’t last forever, no matter what you do.

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