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But we have to raise taxes to pay schoolteachers (part xxiv)

September 21, 2012

This seems like chump change compared to some of the idiocy I’ve noted in this blog series, but this is also direct spending from a school district, and it isn’t helping kids learn:

There was a lot of credit card spending in the Madison school district in 2011, according to an investigation by, flagship website of the Michigan-based Education Action Group, a nonprofit conservative organization that advocates for education reform.

In total, district employees racked up $44,723 worth of hotel bills and $10,036 worth of restaurant bills in last year, according to EAGnews, which reviewed district credit card statements and check registers.

On the spending list:

  • $15,474.22 charged at Hyatt Hotels in Chicago on July 13, 2011.
  • $3,133.55 at the Sheraton NY Hotel and Towers on Jan. 6, 2011.
  • $4,736 in charges at Hotel 71 in downtown Chicago on Dec. 19, 2011
  • Two transactions –each worth $288.96 – were made at the Rio Suites in Las Vegas on April 27, 2011.
  • $223.57 in charges at the Heidel House Resort and Spa on June 23. There was another charge of $756.64 at the same resort six days later.

The spending occurred as Madison Metro and its teachers stressed over apparent deep cuts in state aid and the implementation of Act 10, the law, led by Gov. Scott Walker, that gutted collective bargaining for most public employees.

Let’s hear again how they’ve absolutely cut to the bone.


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