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Uh oh… the Harbinger of Doom stalks President Obama

November 5, 2012

Heh. Click here if you don’t get it. And then here, and scroll to the last picture.

And by the way: I was never sure, until I was writing that headline, whether the word was “harbinger” or “harbringer.” But there doesn’t seem to be any such word as “harbringer,” except as a common misspelling of “harbinger.”

Also by the way, I tend to think of “harbinger” as a bad, daunting sort of thing, but it really isn’t:

harbinger (n.)
late 15c., herbengar “one sent ahead to arrange lodgings” (for a monarch, an army, etc.), alteration of M.E. herberger “provider of shelter, innkeeper” (late 12c.)

See? Harbingers are nice.

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