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The good news is: Harrison Ford is “open” to reprising the role of Han Solo in any new Star Wars movies.

November 6, 2012

Also: he’s “upbeat.”

And also: it looks like the GOP will retake the Wisconsin State Senate, giving Governor Scott Walker majorities in both houses to work with…again.

And also: it looks like there’ll be free bipolar medication all around for a while here in the Badger state, since it looks like we just elected one of the most liberal members of Congress (Tammy Baldwin) to the U.S. Senate, only two years after we elected one of the Senate’s most dependably conservative members (Ron Johnson), and less than two years after we overwhelmingly kept conservative uber-star Scott Walker in the governor’s office in that recall election.

At the moment, that’s all I’ve got. I’m seeing a lot of negativity and depression around my usual blogospherical haunts right now. Just so you know: there won’t be any of that here.

Not where you can see it, anyway.

New problem: what do we do about 2016? Walker? Or Ryan?

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