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Did the NFL alter a universal constant by admitting to a mistake?

November 7, 2012

Alternate title: no wonder the election results feel so wrong!

A brief recap: on November 4, the Carolina Panthers defeated the Washington Redskins, 21-13. According to the Redskins Rule, this should have resulted in an electoral loss for the party that currently holds the White House, i.e.: Romney should have won.

So much for that then, right? Just because the Redskins Rule has held true (with one possible, but easily explained exception) for over 70 years…hey, it’s still just a dumb coincidence!

But wait: as regular Trog readers will already know, Carolina may have benefitted from a bad call that resulted in an early touchdown. Sure, that touchdown happened in the first quarter. Sure, Carolina already had the ball in field goal range and very likely would have scored some points even without the bad call

But you never know. Momentum is a fickle and scary bitch, and any little thing can set her off. Kind of like karma. You can never tell when karma’s going to reach up and slap you right across the face.

So when the NFL admitted publicly that they’d screwed up that call… it was like they were telling karma: “yes, Washington should have won the game!” And if they were telling karma that, then maybe karma listened. And if karma listened, then maybe – just maybe – the Redskins Rule still applied to this election.

Maybe karma is applying it via the team that should have won!

Although, if so, then karma is some kind of friggin’ replacement referee. Which maybe we already knew.

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