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Rasmussen: Republicans have to choose bipartisanship over beliefs. Democrats?

November 8, 2012

Did they ask this question about the Democrats, too? If not, why not?


Most Want GOP to Work With Obama, GOP Voters Disagree

Most voters feel it’s more important for Republicans to work with President Obama than stand up for what their party believes in. GOP voters overwhelmingly disagree, even as their party’s congressional leaders reach out to Obama to make a budget deal.

Yeah, GOP, forget about your deeply held beliefs and work with the Democrats!

Oh, no, not you, Democrats. That’s all up to those mean Republicans. They have to give up their beliefs, or else they’re being partisan. And, also, poopyheads.

Sheesh. Why’d they only ask about the Republicans?

Hey, I want a little reaching across the aisle, too. But this isn’t all “Republicans have to move closer.” Democrats should have to move, too. Why can’t they give up on their deeply-held beliefs?

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