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While I was looking for an old link to that “I, Pencil” essay…

November 16, 2012

…I ran across this old post, that included this:

Regarding G.I.Normous systems, like the ecosystem: do you notice how liberal/progressives can’t stand the thought of anything that might make the slightest tiny change in the ecosystem?

No, don’t drill! You might inconvenience a caribou! Don’t build there! There’s a…oh, hell, I don’t know, a yellow-toothed crusty lizard, or something. If you tap that underground well, the water level in this lake over here might drop an inch, which’ll kill these ferns, which’ll deny these bugs a home, which’ll hurt these birds which…

You get the picture.

When it comes to another enormous system containing millions-if-not-billions of inputs, though – the economy – they’re all for mucking around with this, that, whatever. Cut those trees! Drain that swamp!

And I liked it, so I’m posting it again. There was a lot more to that post, too, if you’re interested. Started out explaining why the New York Times’ David Leonhardt was wrong…again.

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