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Liberals: re-elect Walker so we can try to recall him again!

November 19, 2012

Living and working (as I do) in a decidedly blue part of the unfortunately blue state of Wisconsin, I see plenty of these, even now:

Time was, these things set my teeth on edge. Then they became a source of schadenfreudish joy. Today, five months after Governor Walker’s blowout win, they’re just sad.

But hey, it’s probably just owner apathy, right? People just haven’t gotten around to removing them yet. Or they’re worried about damaging their cars. The paint, or something. Maybe. Or… I’m just as sure there’s plenty of people who still hope to knock Walker out of office, and leaving the old “Recall Walker” sticker right there on the car is their chosen method of Announcing Their Dissent To The World.

And you know what? We thank them for their support.

See, having survived a recall already, Governor Walker can’t be recalled again this term. His haters have to wait until 2015 – one year after the beginning of his second term – to attempt another recall.

Meaning: the people still calling for his recall must be pulling for him to win re-election, so they can try to recall him again!

Crazy? Maybe to you. I lived through the last two years in Wisconsin. Ergo: not all that crazy.

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