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Valeria Lukyanova is a fake? Well doesn’t that just destroy my faith in human nature. Answer: no.

November 20, 2012

The story:

Valeria Lukyanova, Human Barbie, Fake? Site Claims Internet Sensation PhotoShops Her Images

Human Barbie is as fake as her plastic inspiration, a website claims—and the accusations aren’t based on the rumors that Valeria Lukyanova has had plastic surgery. claims Lukyanova, the Ukrainian Internet sensation known commonly as the “human Barbie,” uses PhotoShop to make her appear more like the doll she strives to be.

It must be important. It’s all over the internet!

I mean, my God! A young woman might be using unnatural means to alter her appearance and attract attention, even of the sleazy tabloid kind? Can that be true?

Perhaps more importantly: does it matter? Even that website, “,” doesn’t care. They may not even really know. But by casting accusations like worms in a fishing contest and, perhaps more importantly, posting pictures of the Ukrainian Barbie, they know they can get people to click!

Is Ms. Lukyanova losing any sleep over these aspersions on her character and her reputation? Well, maybe. She’s young. But she’s also all over the internet…again.

See: Rules #4 and #5.

And as little as I care, and as much as I moan about “not getting the hits I really want,” I’m writing about it, too. So. I guess that tells you something.

By the way: exactly why was Zilla in the hospital again? You don’t think…nahhh.

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