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The two million dollar question: Why didn’t the Obama administration grab the political opportunity of a successful military operation?

November 21, 2012

The “Million Dollar Question On Benghazi No One Is Asking,” according to Hot Air:

Why on 9/11 does [Ambassador Chris Stevens] leave our fortress-like embassy in Tripoli and go down to Benghazi with a light detail? Why?

Sure, that’s a good question. But I’ve got a better one: why didn’t the Obama administration grab this incredible political windfall?

Obviously, we don’t want our politicians making politics out of military necessities. Just as obviously, they all do. So just imagine it: on 9/11 – a date that will live in infamy, if any will – a U.S. consulate in the Middle East comes under attack. Eight weeks before the presidential election, which was by no means in the bag for President Obama.

Eight weeks before the election, and a group of terrorists – hell, a group of anybody – attacks U.S. citizens in what’s supposed to be U.S. territory. And we have military assets in place and able to respond.

The Commander in Chief, ordering American military units into action to protect Americans from terrorist attack!

You want a winning political image? That’s a winning political image! And, hell, weren’t Democrats falling all over themselves pre-election trying to remind everybody how Obama Got Bin Laden?

Yes. Yes, they were. So why wouldn’t they take this opportunity?

No, really. Why?

Oh, sure, Republicans would have questioned the timing. There still would have been questions about security, why there wasn’t any, who asked for more and when and who said no and why. And Republicans would have pointed and wondered why Obama das Grosse hadn’t “repaired America’s reputation on the world stage.”

But, please. Like the media would’ve picked that up. Even Fox News would have made Obama look like a hero!

But they let it slide. Let four Americans die, and let an opportunity – and don’t tell me their political operation didn’t recognize it – get away.

I hate to sound all conspiracist, here, but: there’s gotta be a reason.

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  1. Affenhauer permalink
    November 26, 2012 10:05 am

    “Das” Grosse? Why not “der” Grosse? Oh, wait – I think I know…

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