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Yes, we here at The Trog are aware that Danica Patrick has announced her divorce…

November 21, 2012

…from her husband of 7 years, Paul Hospenthal. Thank you all for your attempts to tip us off, remind us, and/or goad us into making some sort of sophomoric “dude, Danica Patrick’s available!” joke.

Like any of you have a shot. On the other hand, this development does double your chances. Maybe even triples them.

We here at The Trog do not celebrate divorce, as necessary as divorce may sometimes be. As the (un)official blog of Wisconsin native Danica Patrick, we wish both her and Paul the best, and hope they can overcome whatever bitterness (if any) might remain between them.

Okay, enough third-person. I’m even annoying myself with that now.

Danica doesn’t have a race coming up, but she does have Superbowl commercials to film. At this time, she needs our love and support, not our stupid locker room joshing. We’ll save that for the commercials.

That wasn’t more third-person, by the way. I was including all of you in that paragraph, too.

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