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Philadelphia: where the phrase “statistically improbable” is a euphemism for “Tuesday.”

November 27, 2012

No matter where you are on the political spectrum, doesn’t this at least make you wonder? Via DaleyGator:

#3 The overall voter turnout rate in Philadelphia was only about 60 percent. But in the areas of Philadelphia where Republican poll watchers were illegally removed, the voter turnout rate was over 90% and Obama received over 99% of the vote. Officials in Philadelphia have already ruled out an investigation.

He’s got more… oh, let’s just call them statistically odd results from the election. And, look: statistical islands like that can just happen. Maybe those areas really are just very politically active, and extremely Democrat/liberal. Just throwing the numbers out there doesn’t prove shenanigans.

But, fer cry-eye. That the turnout rate was fifty percent above average, and that Obama got 99% of the vote, in wards where Republican poll watchers were removed?

And then, the heavily-Democrat officials decide no investigation is necessary?

That’s just a little too much coincidence, isn’t it? Come on, libs. Imagine if this were reversed. Imagine if it were Democrat poll watchers kicked out, and Romney getting 99% of the vote.

No matter where you are on the spectrum, you have to at least be wrinkling your nose at this. And if you aren’t, then we know that much about you.

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