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Two-for-two conservative bloggers pick the 2016 GOP nominee, and you’re not gonna like it!

November 27, 2012

I love taking part in John Hawkins’ blogger polls. I can never remember what my answers were after the fact, even though you’d think I could just look at the questions again and figure it out.

That does seem like an odd reason for enjoying something, but there you go.

So this time, I just answered every question with “Paul Ryan” (I could have alternated him with Scott Walker, I suppose) unless he wasn’t among the choices, in which case I chose Marco Rubio or Rick Perry.

Oh yeah, I’m still jogging alongside that bandwagon.

Oh, I also didn’t pick Ryan for this question:

3) If the list were narrowed down to the following 10 candidates, then which one would you **** LEAST LIKE **** to see as our 2016 nominee?

1) Chris Christie (NJ Governor) 32.5% (25 votes)
2) Jeb Bush (Former Fl Governor) 26% (20 votes)

Although now I can’t remember who I did pick for that one. Figures.

As a side note, want to see something scary?

In 2008, the least wanted candidates for bloggers were…John McCain and Ron Paul.

In 2012, the least wanted candidates for bloggers were…Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.

So, going by those results, Chris Christie and Jeb Bush would have to be considered the early favorites for 2016 based on the fact that conservative bloggers don’t want either of them as a nominee.

Even more scary: if either of them do win the nomination, John Hawkins will be impossible to live with. As in: eat your heart out, Nate Silver!

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