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Look, I know he’s the Pope and all, but can he do that?

November 30, 2012

Whether he can or not, looks like he didn’t:

Read all about it: Pope has not canceled Christmas

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – And so it came to pass that in the eighth year of Pope Benedict’s reign, some tabloid and social media decreed that he had cancelled Christmas.

The day after Benedict’s latest book “The Infancy Narratives – Jesus of Nazareth” – was published on November 20, Vatican officials found some headlines they were not expecting.

“Killjoy pope crushes Christmas nativity traditions,” read one tabloid headline, claiming that Benedict had snubbed traditions such as animals in nativity scenes and caroling.

“Pope sets out to debunk Christmas myths,” ran another.

pope benedict in santa hatHoly Scrooge! Some blogs unceremoniously branded Benedict the new Grinch that stole Christmas and one rocketed him to the “top of the grumpy list for 2012.”

And then there was this zinger headline from a web news site: “Pope bans Christmas”.

Coming little more than a month before Christmas, it was the last thing the Vatican needed – another image problem for the pope.

Alarmed by some of the headlines, the Catholic social network XT3 felt compelled to run a blog that dissected the media’s coverage of the book.

It was headlined: “The pope has not banned Christmas”.

Can you imagine even having to write that sentence?

On the one hand: phew! On the other hand: dammit! Now I still have to go shopping this weekend!

And by the way: I love how the article cites “one tabloid” and “some blogs” without actually naming anybody. That’s gonna be my new thing: whenever I want to make a point, I’ll just say “some blogs said this,” and then debunk it. Which blogs, you ask? Hey, screw you! I’m a big time media outlet – I don’t have to specify!

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