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“If a campaign finance story is not about David Koch or Sheldon Adelson, do liberals care?”

December 3, 2012

Answer: of course they do. Republicans don’t have to get their money from a Koch or an Adelson for liberals to lose their precious little heads over it. Any contributing to or spending by Republicans and conservatives is by definition corrupt.

But, feh. I’m only posting this so I can find it again when I want it, like these lists of liberal bajillionaires who’ve given far more to liberal causes than the Koch brothers to conservative ones.

Even so, it’s interesting to be reminded. Not that liberals will pour money into their causes, but that nobody ever seems to notice:

Consider the reaction to Kenneth Vogel’s important report on the winter meeting of the Democracy Alliance, the secretive organization of progressive millionaires and billionaires who finance an extraordinarily byzantine network of liberal foundations and Super PACs that operate with undisclosed “dark money.”

What reaction? Exactly. There wasn’t any.

On the other hand: isn’t it nice to see people exercising their constitutional rights without other people getting all wee-wee’d up about it?


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