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Well that sounds familiar: “unionist mob” edition

December 6, 2012

Michigan’s state capitol is in lockdown after unionist mobs swarmed the building:

The Michigan Capitol in Lansing is on lockdown on Thursday afternoon after more than 1,000 activists flooded the building

A thousand? That’s it?

to protest new legislation that would weaken the power of labor unions in the state.

Michigan police arrested several protesters who tried to rush the Senate floor. Police also sprayed mace into the protesting crowd at one point, according to the Detroit Free Press. Police told CNN that they were forced to lock the doors when the building reached capacity (people are able to exit). Anyone who doesn’t leave the building by 5:30 ET will face arrest. The bill passed the House this afternoon.

Wow does that all sound familiar. Except for the “spraying mace” part. I don’t think any such thing happened here. And the thousand people – I’m pretty sure the numbers of protesters in Wisconsin’s state capitol were a lot higher than that.

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