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Congratulations, President Obama, on finally solving the issue of gun violence.

January 16, 2013

Earlier today, the White House put out a list of 23 executive orders he intends to issue in the ongoing battle against gun violence. Have you read them? Yid listed them here. And, tell you what: well done.

No, seriously. Well done, President Obama. Well. Done. Any conservative who tries to stand in your way should have his/her head examined.

You hear me, conservatives? Leave the president alone. He’s Doing Something. And that’s what people want: somebody to Do Something. And now he’s done it. And that’ll be the end of it.

Hat tip Insty.

UPDATE – the Cap Times calls Obama’s proposals “sweeping” and “significant.” See? I was right!

If only everything the federal government did was as meaningful and pertinent as President Obama’s list of gun initiatives.

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