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Why do redheaded West Point cadets hate predatory birds?

January 17, 2013

Alternate title: there’s a metaphor in here somewhere. The story:

Mouse released into wild snatched by hawk, ruins good deed (video)

An unidentified cadet at West Point, no doubt an animal lover, was just trying to do the right thing when his act of kindness went horribly wrong. Apparently, a mouse had taken up residency in his barrack. He finally trapped the little guy he called Whiskers…

Are we sure this guy’s not in the Naval Academy?

…and transported him via trash can to an open field. He then released the critter, telling it “good luck.” Unfortunately for the mouse, this happened:


Honestly, we don’t know for sure that the hawk grabbed that mouse. It’s not like you can see it. On the other hand, what else would the hawk have been doing? Looking for a contact lens?

Anyway, blogger David Strege sees the bright side:

One might say he was a Good Samaritan for feeding the hawk.

But, oh no, everybody’s always gotta cheer against the predator.

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