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“…he remembers every single lyric to the ‘BJ and the Bear’ theme song…”

January 20, 2013

Matthew Archbold, describing a conversation with an old buddy:

“Here’s what I know. He doesn’t think Colin Kaepernick is for real, he’s ticked that Mitt Romney lost, he’s upset his taxes are going up, he remembers every single lyric to the “BJ and the Bear” theme song, he’s thinking about going to the March for Life this year, he believes WKRP in Cincinnati is underrated, he plays the Irish drums now (not that I know what Irish drums are), he thinks his priest is a good guy but a bit of a hippie, and after watching six episodes of “Finding Bigfoot” in one night he’s pretty convinced that there’s no such thing as a Squatch but he thinks it’s great that those guys get to stay out all night.”

My first thought: WKRP underrated? Compared to what?

Second thought: what’s a Squatch?

Third thought: I haven’t thought about “BJ and the Bear” in years.

But Matthew’s wife had other thoughts.

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