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Dear God, I hope not! Or: is the Obama Administration the best presidency…ever?

January 21, 2013

The Christian Science Monitor wonders whether the president and Congress can possibly work together this time, because they – presidents and Congresses – have such an amazing track record for that!

Obama’s second term: Can he work with Congress?

When President Obama stands on the west steps of the Capitol to deliver his second inaugural address on Monday morning, his back will be turned to Congress, a legislative body whose public approval has crashed to near single digits.

Just a slight nitpick, here: has Congress’ approval “crashed” to near single digits? Seems like every time someone mentions Congress’ approval rating, it’s always near single digits. Or in them. So this is really just a slight jolt, like when you think you’re already at the bottom of the stairs but there’s really one more stair to go.

Or maybe not even that much.


While Mr. Obama came to Washington promising to change it, he spent much of the latter half of his first term as president in a running series of bitter battles with congressional Republicans. That inability to find common cause – whoever is more to blame – led to the least productive Congress in modern American history.

The least productive Congress in American history! Just like I like them!

Of course, we can wonder what this reporter’s definition of “least productive” is. Obamacare was kind of a big f’n deal, for example. And, plus, if I really got what I wanted – repeal repeal repeal! – then Congress would have to pass a whole lotta bills.

Thus making them “productive,” which normally makes me unhappy.

But, then, to a significant segment of the American electorate, repealing federal laws, regulations, and authorities would make Congress destructive, rather than productive.

By the way, this was the headline on Yahoo that got me blogging:

1-21-13 obama headline

And my very first thought was: dear God, I hope not!

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  1. January 22, 2013 8:53 am

    Congress has been unproductive but there still seems to be a lot coming out of the government. Executive order anyone?

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