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What natural disaster does a guy gotta live through to get a date with a supermodel around here, huh?

January 23, 2013

Regular Trog readers will remember Nana Gouvea, the Brazilian model who briefly became an internet sensation after pictures of her Sandy-damage photoshoot hit the web.

Criticism of the photoshoot was quick, and not entirely undeserved. And now:

When tragedy hits New York City, the most financially and culturally diverse 300 square miles in the country, we are all the same. But in the recovery processes, our differences are more pronounced than ever.

Look no further than Vogue’s controversial Superstorm Sandy-themed fashion spread in this month’s issue for proof. “Storm Troupers,” a photo shoot by famously exorbitant photographer Annie Leibovitz, features supermodels dressed in couture gowns “celebrating” the heroes of the storm that knocked the whole of New York City temporarily on it’s behind, and left portions of the outer-boroughs permanently in crisis.

It’s a dedication to “New York’s Finest”–both the heroes of Sandy and the heroes of fashion, explains the the feature’s clunky opening statement. But if you ask a legion of outraged media critics the comparison is way off.

Well, life wouldn’t really be complete without a legion of outraged critics, now would it?

Still, though, maybe better not to tell these guys:

vogue models with firefighters


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