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Taco Bell pulls ad after criticism for telling the truth

January 29, 2013

Or, if anything, underplaying it:

NEW YORK (AP) — Taco Bell is pulling a TV ad after receiving complaints that it discouraged people from eating vegetables.

The ad by the fast-food chain was touting its variety 12-pack of tacos, with a voiceover saying that bringing a vegetable tray to a party is “like punting on fourth and one.” It said that people secretly hate guests who bring vegetables to parties.

Well they do secretly hate you. Come on. It’s a party. Okay, so maybe there are different kinds of parties – some of them, it’s acceptable to bring a veggie tray. But others, no! You’re not there to be all responsible and watch what you eat! Why must you shove these healthy vegetables in my face like this!

At least fry those bastards up and serve them with a high-calorie sauce!

UPDATE – I’m talking about frying up the vegetables, not the people who brought the vegetables. END UPDATE.

Here, watch for yourself:


The Center for Science in the Public Interest, a health advocacy group, this weekend urged people to tweet their complaints about the ad and the chain quickly made the decision to pull it.

I hereby urge you to tweet your complaints about the complaints about the ad, and get the chain to pull their pulling of it.

And by the way, it’s really like “punting on fourth and one” from your own 40-yard-line.

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