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I hereby declare March 8 to be “Happy Lance’s Hunting Rifle Day”

January 30, 2013

You’re all aware that February 23 – 2/23 – is the “day of resistance” for Second Amendment supporters, right?

Well, whether by design or happy accident, that’s also a very common caliber of ammunition – the .223. So:

Gun rights activists to use 223 bullet motif for ‘day of resistance’

Campaigners to hold rallies on February 23 – a date that bears a similarity to .223 cartridge – in protest at Obama’s gun reforms

That should actually say Obama’s gun “reforms,” or better yet, Obama’s gun “proposals.” Or, perhaps more accurately, Obama’s latest punt.

I admit to a touch of squeamishness about this:

A .223 Bushmaster semi-automatic rifle was used in the Sandy Hook shootings, while a AR-15 using .223 cartridges was also used in the Aurora killings, prompting calls for a ban on assault weapons.

Bad mojo, that. And yet, .223 ammunition being misused does not make the ammunition the bad guy, and it doesn’t make the millions of people who use that caliber of ammo safely and legally the bad guys, either. So on the Day of Resistance, I’ll be Resisting my own squeamishness!

Hat tip The Linkiest.

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