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Hey, did you see the sneak peek preview of that new Samsung ad prequel? I caught it last week!

February 2, 2013

Surely you’ve noticed, even Superbowl commercials are getting previews now. Sneak peeks. Even prequels – remember this headline?

Headline: Is Kate Upton’s Mercedes Ad Too Sexy?

That was about the new Kate Upton – Mercedes Benz commercial, which wasn’t really all that sexy and, also, had nothing to do with the actual Mercedes Benz commercial that’s going to air during the Superbowl:

Which, hey, it’s still a good commercial. It’s just not a Kate Upton commercial.

One more, starring The Rock:

You know how I love the Got Milk campaign.

So what’s the deal? Why, when watching the commercials has become the second- or third-best part (depending on what you’re eating) of Superbowl Sunday, would anybody want to ruin it for us by releasing the commercials early?

Buzz, that’s why. It’s no longer enough to have an awesome Superbowl commercial. No matter how good it is, it’s still going to get lost in the dense jungle of other awesome Superbowl commercials. You have to create pre-Superbowl buzz about your Superbowl commercial, just so people notice it!

Please note, of course, that this won’t make going to the bathroom during the game any easier. You still haven’t seen every awesome Superbowl commercial, and you never know when they’re going to pop up!

But just wait: five years from now – maybe ten – we’ll no longer give a crap about the Superbowl commercial breaks, because we’ll already have seen them all. Pre-buzz will become the new Superbowl jungle, and advertisers will have to find another way to make their commercials stand out.

That’s when, out of nowhere, for the first time ever, completely unexpectedly, some brand-new and awesome commercial will simply appear during the Superbowl, and that’s what everybody’ll be talking about.

Take that, paradigm shift!

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