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You know whose phone has been ringing off the hook since Sunday?

February 5, 2013

This guy’s agent’s, that’s whose.

Bar Refaeli’s mouth has the power to turn a regular man into a bona fide Casanova … ’cause that geek she sucked face with in the Go Daddy commercial says chicks have been all over his jock ever since the spot aired.

The lucky sonofabitch in the commercial is Jesse Heiman who tells TMZ his life has completely changed in the past week … and obviously, all for the better.

And I’ll betcha his agent is hiring new staff to deal with all the new clients, too. “Dude, can you get me into a commercial, too?” “Sure, Mr. Sheen, I’m sure we could manage that.”

For the record, I thought’s ads this year were annoying. Did they really need the sound effects? I liked the Joe Montana stain one, and the voodoo guy and the lucky chair one. Although that probably should have been included in the list of racist ads.

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