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Green beer: not just for St. Patrick’s Day!

February 6, 2013

It’s a beer-powered brewery!

A brewery is Alaska is being fueled by its own beer – in a manner of speaking.

The Alaskan Brewing Co. (ABC) plans to use spent grain from the brewing process to help power the majority of the brewery’s functions and reduce energy costs by 70 percent.

The process works using an expensive broiler system purchased by the brewery, which will convert the grain into steam. Or, as the ABC officials put it, they are now creating, “beer-powered beer,” in one of the nation’s largest craft breweries.

Coming next: a gas-powered chili factory.

We here at The Trog apologize for that last “joke.” But we’re not taking it down.

I happen to notice that my favorite local store, beer edition, carries several varieties of Alaskan Brewing Co. products. So although I haven’t tried it before, I will be soon.

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